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The Schwag was started in 1991 as a tribute to the Grateful Dead by  band leader Jimmy Tebeau.  For four years Jimmy also toured the country as the bassist for JGB (Jerry Garcia Band.) and has opened for many other notable acts. The Schwag also hosts/ hosted music festivals such as the long running Schwagstock and much more.


Mike Dillon plays vibraphone and rants into the microphone. Combining styles and years of experience, MDB makes a noise that is unique in many ways. Dean Wean said, ” The Mike Dillon Band is my favorite touring band on the planet’ at the ween after show where all of Ween sans Gene, joined the stage with Mike.


Fareed Haque is a modern guitar virtuoso. Steeped in classical and jazz traditions, his unique command of the guitar and different musical styles inspire his musical ventures with tradition and fearless innovation. Fareed Haque, James Singleton, and Johnny Vidacovich come together to bring you a musical experience like no other!

Glostik Willy

Glostik Willy is the life support for the Rock & Roll you thought was dead!Glostik Willy is the life support for the rock & roll you thought was dead. The band formed in early 2008, and since then has grown to be a driving force in today’s scene bridging the gap between rock and jam and forming their own genre of music that can only be described as Hippy Metal.

The Ramshacklers

If the sound of blazing guitars being pushed by a freight train straight around the corner into a smoke filled jazz club circa 1963, then this might be your thing.

Electric Orange Peel

A four-piece jam band whose music focuses on intricate compositions inspired by genres ranging from jazz/classical to funk/rock and all things in-between!All four members in the band write songs, so they already have an extensive list of original material (the main chunk of which actually comes from their drummer Dylan Aughe).


Creation Station

Creation Station uses a handsonic hpd 15 and boss loop pedals to create a one man digital drum circle .. integrating acoustic drums and fire into the performance band. edm, tribal, instrumental, ext.





As we rode out to Fennario